Zuma Plush Paw Patrol Soft Toy
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Zuma Plush Paw Patrol Soft Toy - 20cm

Meet Zuma, the playful Labrador who loves water but also the band's lifeguard at sea, through this superb 20cm plush.

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Paw Patrol

Zuma Paw Patrol

Name : Zuma

Location : Adventure Bay

Species : Labrador

Zuma is a male Chocolate Labrador pup and the water rescuer of the PAW Patrol. His primary purpose is to rescue sea animals from underwater emergencies. Since his services aren't often required, he is one of the least used members of the team.

Zuma is very laid-back and calm, though he's not as serious about duty as Chase. He is relaxed and his own fears tend to be more subtle than the rest of the pups' phobias. He is always loyal and has an abundant liking for Ryder. He is playful and always ready to have a good laugh. He's usually sunny and optimistic. He's shown to be rather good with ocean animals. Him and Rocky are good friends and he does his best to keep Rocky from getting wet. He wants to get other people to lighten up.

He has a competitive side; he and Skye have a friendly rivalry at times, but it's all in good fun. Once, in "Pups Fall Festival", they even argued about who got to the elevator first. They're often shown to have a close friendship and they've been seen doing things together.

He sometimes speaks like a surfer and uses slang like "dude", fittingly for the water rescue pup. He's even an expert kitesurfer.

Like all members of the Paw Patrol, Zuma has a collar that can be used to summon Ryder and his teammates.

His vehicle is a kind of speedboat called a hovercraft, fitted with a lifebuoy. His backpack is equipped with an autonomous scuba, with a mask (in the shape of a bone ...), and bottles allowing him to dive.

His main catchphrase is "Let's dive in !".

Paw Patrol
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