Rocky Plush Paw Patrol Soft Toy
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Rocky Plush Paw Patrol Soft Toy - 20cm

Meet Rocky, the 6-year-old recycling expert who is not a big fan of baths, through this superb 20cm plush.

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Paw Patrol

Rocky Paw Patrol

Name : Rocky

Location : Adventure Bay

Species : Mixed Breed

Rocky is a male mixed breed Eco pup and the fifth member of PAW Patrol.

Rocky is a clever Eco-puppy. He reduces, reuses, and recycles anything he can find. He is quite intelligent, as he often implements devices out of the materials in his vehicle. He doesn't just use his own materials, though; if something's lying around, he'll find a better use for it. He is resourceful and he always has the right materials for repairing things. Second to Ryder, his mechanical know-how is the best and he fixes whatever's broken or malfunctioning.

Rocky has aquaphobia (the fear of water), and is constantly getting wet as a running gag, much to his dismay. As such, he despises taking baths and is determined to avoid them, to Katie's chagrin. He'll face that fear to help others in danger, but he can't seem to get over it permanently. However, he accepts being wet whenever he is turned into a mer-pup or when he's in a scuba outfit. His reasoning is that he's able to breathe underwater as a mer-pup, and that he's dry in his scuba suit.

He's rather open-minded. Even though Marshall and Zuma are associated with water, he's close friends with them. He may get exasperated with Marshall accidentally spraying him, but he is quick to forgive him for that. He's just as playful as the other pups when off-duty.

Like all members of the Paw Patrol, Rocky has a collar that can be used to summon Ryder and his teammates.

Rocky's vehicle is a green recycling truck which is used to recycle items. Rocky also uses this as his pup-house, which can be used to store various items to use during missions.

His pup-pack contains a screwdriver and a claw. It also contains a variety of other tools, such as a glue bottle, coil of adhesive tape, spatula, and many others.

His main catchphrase is "Don't lose it, reuse it!".

Paw Patrol
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