Dragonite Plush Classic or Shiny Pokemon Soft toy - 20/25cm
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Dragonite Plush Classic or Shiny Pokemon Soft toy - 20/25cm

Make way for the magnificent, the powerful, the majestic and coveted Dragonite!

Available in its classic version, as well as in its shiny version!

Psst ... I have a tip for you ... If you search well, you may find a button to get the set of 2 and with a better price ... But tell no one!

  • Classic
  • Shiny
  • Set of 2
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Name : Dragonite

Type Dragon   Flying 

National number : #149


Dragonite is a dual-type Dragon/Flying pseudo-legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation I.

It evolves from Dragonair starting at level 55. It is the final form of Dratini.

Despite its bulky build, Dragonite is capable of flying faster than the speed of sound. It can circle the globe in sixteen hours, which would require traveling at a ground speed of roughly 1,556 mph (2,505 km/h) if done at the equator. A kindhearted Pokémon with human-like intelligence, Dragonite shows signs of altruism: it is said to save humans from drowning and lead lost or foundering ships to safety. As demonstrated in the anime, however, it will go on an uncontrollable, destructive rampage if its environment is threatened. Dragonite will usually clam down and be satisfied after smashing down anything that has angered it to smithereens. It is known to engage in fierce battles with Kingdra whenever they meet. Dragonite has been referred to as the sea guardian and the Sea Incarnate. There are many ships with figureheads decorated with Dragonite's look.

Dragonite is very rare in the wild, typically living near the sea. Some claim that there is an island somewhere in the ocean that only Dragonite inhabit. In the past, Outrage was its signature move.

15 cm
30 cm
15 cm
0.20 kg
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Plastic bag
About 20 and 25cm

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