Aerodactyl Plush Pokémon Soft toy - 25cm
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Aerodactyl Plush Pokémon Soft toy - 25cm

Find out the Pokemon Aerodactyl through this superb ultra soft plush!

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Name : Aerodactyl

Type Rock   Flying 

National number : #142


Aerodactyl is a dual-type Rock/Flying Fossil Pokémon introduced in Generation I.

It is resurrected from an Old Amber, and while it is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon, Aerodactyl can Mega Evolve into Mega Aerodactyl using the Aerodactylite.

Aerodactyl is extant using Fossil revitalization but is considered extinct in the wild. However, modern technology cannot perfectly restore Aerodactyl to its original appearance. Due to the sharp appearance of Aerodactyl's fangs, it was originally thought to be exclusively a carnivore. However, the anime shows it joyfully consuming fruit. Due to being restored from the DNA of an Old Amber, a revived Aerodactyl displays much more aggressive behavior than expected, which usually leads to casualties.

Its serrated fangs and ferocious attitude were nevertheless very imposing, and it is said to be have been capable of effortlessly ripping out enemies' throats. These fangs can also tear trough any skin of a Pokémon to pieces, especially Steel-type. By spreading its impressive wings, Aerodactyl is believed to have flown by gliding through the skies, freely letting out its high-pitched cries. However, its walk was weak and slow when it touched the ground. When at rest it enjoyed the safety and seclusion of the mountains, where it liked to nest. There is well known theory that believes a large meteor impact caused Aerodactyl's extinction.

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