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Pokémon is a franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996 and published by Nintendo. It is one of the most popular in the world. Faced with the success of the first video games, it quickly diversified into animes, collectible card games and many other derivative products. In the Pokémon universe, humans live in harmony with eponymous monsters. Many young adventurers dream of becoming Pokémon trainers in order to travel the world and catch as many as possible.

Jumbo Pikachu Construction set Pokémon Mega Construx - 33cm
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Build even bigger battles with this Pikachu construction set.
Prepare for a shockingly big battle with a buildable 33cm tall Pikachu ! Take your Pokémon training to new heights when you use over 800 pieces to build your new Pokémon ! Featuring the beloved Pokemon's iconic lightning bolt-shaped tail, red cheeks and smiling face, this nearly life-size Pikachu is articulated so you can position it in different poses !
Ages 8 and up.
Jumbo Eevee Construction set Pokémon Mega Construx - 29cm
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Build even bigger battles with this Eevee construction set.
Prepare for the biggest battle yet with an 11-inch, buildable Eevee. With over 800 bricks and pieces, this construction set features the beloved Pokémon's iconic long ears, furry tail and cute smile. This nearly life-size Eevee is super-poseable so you can sit it down, stand it up - you can even recreate Eevee's battle stances.
Ages 10 and up.
Sudowoodo Plush Soft Toy Classic or Shiny Pokemon - 30cm
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If you manage to outsmart Sudowoodo's camouflage, you might be able to get yourself this awesome Pokemon plush that knows how to go unnoticed!

Available in its classic version, as well as in its shiny version!

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Entei Raikou Suicune Plush Pokemon Soft toy - 15cm
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The legendary trio gathered in the same place, at the same time! Many Pokemon trainers have waited for this all their lives ...
Psst ... I have a tip for you ... If you search well, you may find a button to get the set of 3 and with a better price ... But tell no one!
Gardevoir Moonblast Gallery Figure Dx Pokémon Center
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This beautiful Pokémon Gallery Figure DX features Gardevoir harnessing the power of the moon to attack an opponent, potentially lowering its Special Attack stat.
You can get up close to the action by collecting the whole Pokémon Gallery Figures series!

DX figures are larger than standard Gallery Figures
Translucent attack effects catch the light for a stunning display
Part of the Pokémon Gallery Figures collection
Pokémon Center Original
Zygarde Core Plush Pokémon Center
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Getting Zygarde is no easy feat. Indeed, the cells that make up the legendary Pokémon are found scattered throughout the Alolan region. If you want to recompose it and access its perfect form, you'll need to find them all. And something tells me that Zygarde's red heart is one of them ...
Rotom Dex Plush Pokémon Soft toy - 15cm
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The Rotom Dex is a very special object: it is a Pokédex, a tool used to record all the information on the Pokémon that you will meet and capture during your adventure, but it is inhabited by a Motisma , a Pokémon capable of taking possession of electrical devices!
Become be as thick as thieves with your Rotom Dex so that he supports you during your adventures in Alolan !